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Breaking Bad Recap: New Character Out for Blood! - E! Online

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Hey, remember that time that Gus hid a Cayman Islands account number in a picture frame and the cops found it? Yeah, well, it's looking like last week's Magneto stunt only made matters worse for our "heroes." With Walt eager to start cooking, we have a feeling things are about to get really complicated.

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Defibrillators Are Not a Toy: If you thought Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) was at the top of the Los Pollos Hermanos food chain, then you thought wrong. It appears the Germans like their chicken too, and the big guns at Madrigal Electromotive aren't too happy about the DEA's investigation. People are killing themselves over it. It's that serious!

Roombas to the Rescue: Jesse (Aaron Paul) is worried about that missing ricin cigarette, so Walt helps him look for it. Eventually it turns up in a Roomba, but what Jesse doesn't know is that Walt (Bryan Cranston) planted it there after switching the real thing for salt. On the bright side, the whole ordeal leaves us loving Jesse even more when he breaks down and apologizes to an undeserving Walt.

Mike Who? A handy, capable Hank is at it again, as the DEA begins interrogating Gus' right-hand men. During the questioning we find out that Mike (Jonathan Banks) used to be a cop and that his full name is Mike Ehrmantrout (a last name as convoluted as his morals). What's mor, the DEA has custody over a trust Gus was keeping for him in a secret account. With Mike newly broke, Walt's offer to take over the meth business begins to look better and better.

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A New Face in Town: Despite what Madrigal employee Lydia's (Laura Fraser) innocent looks might suggest, she's in fact a cold-blooded killer. A killer with a serious anxiety disorder, that is. Mike thinks he has suppressed her worries when he assures her that they won't need to kill off all the men tied to Gus' lab. His argument falls on deaf ears when Lydia hires someone else to do the job. Mike discovers her treachery and only stops short of murdering her when he discovers that she may have access to methylamine. With Lydia on the team, it looks like we're officially back in business.

Skyler vs. Machiavelli: Once again Skyler (Anna Gunn) wants nothing to do with Walt, and she spends the entirety of the episode being all kinds of depressed. I guess it doesn't help that Walt's ethics are beginning to look a lot less suburban husband and a lot more Tony Soprano. Yet another chilling encounter between these two to end the show hints at an enemy closer to home than Germany.

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"You are trouble. I'm sorry the kid here doesn't see it, but I sure as hell do. You are a time bomb. Tick tick ticking. And I have no intention of being here for the boom." â€"Mike

"He was somebody else completely; right in front of me, right under my nose." â€" Merkert (on Gus)

"When we do what we do for good reasons then we've got nothing to worry about. There's no better reason than family." â€" Walt

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