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MAN OF STEEL: Quick SDCC Footage Analysis! - Comic Book Movie

After the release of the official teaser trailer, I decided to go back and look at what we've seen over at San Diego Comic Con this month. So in this article, I quickly go through the interesting elements of that footage! Since I haven't seen any analysis of the footage due to poor quality, I decided to take the matters into my own hand. Let's start!

[I couldn't embed the video, so you'll just have to check out the source for the improved footage!]

I'm going to go scene by scene, touching here and there real quickly because I know you don't want to waste time to figure out the details! I'll skip the known snowy/oil rig stuff and jump to the cool beans. Screencaps are a little blurry but you can still make out what they are:

This is the Kent Farm we all know and love. Love you Kansas.

This is one of the early showcases of Clark's powers as the woman says "My son was in that bus, he saw what Clark did." and we see a young Superman creepin' in the water!

This scene basically shows Kal-El's spaceship - which his father sent him in. The design is remarkably different than what we've seen in the media so far - in a good way in my opinion. The motifs around the object make it seem more...alien-esque?

I believe this is some kind of a token for the House of El that comes from the ship as Clark examines it.

In my honest opinion - This is the entrance of Man Of Steel's "Fortress of Solitude" due to the following scenes. It looks like a Kryptonian ship that was grounded on Earth for a long while and Clark will use it as his fortress. I believe his spaceship somehow leads him to the fortress.

This screen follows a scene of Clark and Jor-El facing each other in an alien looking ship [that's the only way I can describe it] Jor-El talks to Clark about his future and their legacy.

These 2 scenes are why I thought that spaceship is the Fortress. Clark opens the gates of the ship - to come out as the Superman we all know and love. Money shot right there, cape flowing, all buff and stuff. Goodie!

This scene shows the destruction of Krypton from what I can understand. It looks like the only sensible guess so far, so I'll leave that up to you.

This frame shows Jor-El, Kal-El and Lara-El. I'm guessing this is right before they send him off the orbit.

Our first blurry look at Zod and a very small portion of his armor.

Another money shot right here. Superman vs. a villain [I'm guessing Zod in his massive armor] It looks like a scene that jumped right out of the comics.

Superman getting... taken into custody by the U.S. Army. I don't think those handcuff's will be able to hold though.

Our first clear look at the Superman & Lois Lane pairing.

Military aiming their weaponry at who I'm guessing someone else than Superman. It's a little too blurry to decide.

This frame shows us a beaten up Superman who's sent flying into a wall. I actually dig it [PUN INTENDED!]

These 2 shots show Superman changing into his Clark Kent persona. The second picture proves that they are using the Glasses!

And the final shot of the footage is when Superman encounters the U.S. Army for the first time. Another shot that jumped right out of the comics.


So yes, that was a really quick analysis of what I thought was interesting from the SDCC footage. I hope you enjoyed it and I managed to feed your curiosity! I'd like to thank the Hypable website for the improved video.

Have a good day y'all!

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