Friday, August 17, 2012

As hitman, Sylvester Stallone offering 'Bullet to the Head' in trailer - The Star-Ledger -

sylvester-stallone-bullet-to-the-head-trailer.jpg Sylvester Stallone plays a New Orleans hitman in "Bullet to the Head," an upcoming action film based on a graphic novel.

As the ensemble macho-mercenary flick "The Expendables 2" hits theaters today, new trailers have arrived to remind people that Sylvester Stallone â€" as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger ("The Last Stand") â€" can blow things up and kill people on-screen without assistance.

Stallone goes solo in "Bullet to the Head," the movie version of the graphic novel "Du Plomb Dans La Tête." It unites Stallone with action auteur Walter Hill. In it Stallone plays ax-wielding New Orleans hitman Jimmy Bobo who goes after thugs accused of killing his partner. Do hitmen really need partners?

Funny that the 70-year-old Hill directed a film in which a young New York cop (Sung Kang) appears to berate Bobo with reminders that he is old. The cop says, "They don't even make records anymore" â€" yes, they do! â€" and when Foreign's "Hot Blooded" comes on the radio, he says he'd rather hear music "from this century." Just seconds before, the track was treated as Stallone's theme music. "The Last Stand," which stars Schwarzenegger as a sheriff, looks to play with the genre hallmarks a bit more, rather than reiterate them perfunctorily.

The Joel Silver-produced actioner, also starring Sarah Shahi, Christian Slater, Brian Van Holt and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, is due in theaters Feb. 1 of next year.

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