Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Edward Cullen! Sparkling Vampire Turns 111 - E! Online

Robert Pattinson, TwilightSummit Entertainment

It's been quite the busy year for Edward Cullen. Not only did the bloodsucking babe marry his high school sweetie (that'd be Bella Swan), but he knocked her up, they had a semi-immortal daughter and old Eddie turned his nearly dead newlywed into a vampire too.

Oh yeah, and he personally inspired the raunchiest franchise to hit bookshelves in decades.

Jeez, with Fifty Shades of excitement like all that, you wonder how the Twilight hunk could possibly top it to celebrate his birthday. Because, as you may not know, the sparkling stud turns 111 today!

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And he doesn't look a day over 17, does he?! (Which might be because, as you'll recall, he's been 17 for "a while.")

Edward was born in 1901 and transformed into a vampire in 1918 during the Spanish influenza epidemic in Chicago. In addition to those Breaking Dawn highlights listed, the perennial high school grad is an avid baseball player, loves watching damsels in distress slumber and shares those Robert Pattinson good looks. He's currently battling evil Volturi members.

So, happy birthday, Mr. Cullen! We hope you get everything you want today, which, we're sure, is a bit of bed-breaking excitement with the wifey and some daddy-daughter time with the oh-so-adorable Renesmee.

And for you, loyal Twi-hards, stay tuned for a Breaking Dawn Part 2 present of your own!

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