Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pixar's 'Brave' gang shares tales of Scotland -


AP: Scottish people get stereotyped as hard drinkers. Is that true?

Macdonald: It’s a drinking culture. It really is in Scotland, and also Ireland and the UK in general. There’s a big drinking culture in a way that in Italy, there’s not. In Italy, they’ll drink wine with lunch, and that’s just, nobody would do that in Scotland. You wait until you’ve finished your work and everything at the end of the day, and then you get completely blotto. It’s a stereotype for a reason.

AP: How well does “Brave’’ depict the character of the Scottish?

Macdonald: They really captured the essence and I think the humor of the Scottish people. We sort of put our two bits in, as well, the actors, because we would have dialogue that would be a bit Americanized. … Even if the words aren’t understood, you get the gist of everything. And the male characters, they really captured that certain ego and bluster and kind of puffed-up-ness to them.


AP: You’re wearing a kilt. Is that normal dress at Pixar?

Andrews: I started working at Pixar in 2000, and I came kilt on. So every party, every kind of shindig that’s been happening at Pixar, I’ve always been in my kilt. So it’s kind of weird that I’ve been a Scottish buff, myth and legends buff. This film’s right up my alley, so for Pixar to come and ask me to jump on board, take over directing, I didn’t see that coming.

AP: What are the Scottish people like?

Andrews: One thing I’ve noticed in my dealings with them is that they will pick on you. They will try to offend you or say something to kind of get your ire up, to see if you’re smart enough to figure out that they’re just kidding. If you can realize that I just met this stranger, they’re not really insulting me right off the bat, and give them a taste of their own medicine, they usually just laugh it off and go, “OK, this guy is cool.’’ It’s like a test.


AP: Do the Scottish people in “Brave’’ resemble the real thing?

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