Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Robert Pattinson puts Kristen Stewart affair behind him as he parties in New ... - New York Daily News

Robert Pattinson at the New York Premiere of the movie "COSMOPOLIS" held at MoMA (the Museum Of Modern Art )

Richard Corkery /New York Daily News

Robert Pattinson at the New York Premiere of the movie 'Cosmopolis' at MoMA.

If looking good is the best revenge, Robert Pattinson is on a roll.

The betrayed beau partied past midnight to celebrate the premiere of his new movie “Cosmopolis” but turned up bright and early at the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday with expertly coiffed hair, a dashing designer suit, sapphire silk tie and another gorgeous grin.

He rang the stock market’s opening bell with his “Cosmopolis” director David Cronenberg, smiling for photos, clapping with the crowd and soaking up the Wall Street scene that provides a backdrop for the thriller opening Friday.

“The ladies out in force to see Robert Pattinson ring the @NYSEEuronext opening bell,” tweeted CNBC reporter Carl Quintanilla along with a photo of more than a dozen women gathered on the trading floor.

The appearance marked Pattinson’s third major event since photos of girlfriend Kristen Stewart kissing a married man almost twice her age went viral three weeks ago.

The humiliated hunk, 26, first emerged from seclusion for a Monday evening interview on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

Sliding into the interview chair, Pattinson admitted he felt awkward but steadfastly declined to dish about Stewart, even when served a side of ice cream.

RPATTZ15F_5_WEBFilmmaker David Cronenberg (l.) and Robert Pattinson before ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday morning. (BRENDAN MCDERMID/REUTERS)

“Boy, you are better off, kick her to the curb, whatever,” Stewart joked as he and Pattinson dug into quickly melting pints of Ben and Jerry’s.

Pattinson just shook his head, sat back and laughed.

“When you are young and you break up, it’s powerful and it feels like the world is ending,” Stewart continued, as Pattinson again declined to take the bait.

Finally the conversation switched gears to ‘Cosmopolis,” with the actor describing Cronenberg as “the sweetest man in the world” and making a plea for professional support.

“If any 'Twilight' fans tuned in, I genuinely want to make ‘Cosmopolis’ have a higher opening weekend than ‘The Dark Knight.’ But the problem is, it’s only released in six cinemas. It’s gonna be a challenge,” he joked.

“Alright 'Twilight' fans, you need to start stacking on laps,” Stewart added.

“Just buy like eight tickets,” Pattinson suggested.

The actor hit the Cosmopolis premiere at MoMA next, and again avoided any talk of Stewart.

He reflected on himself instead, saying he embraced the R-rated “Cosmopolis” script after building his career on the safe and stable “Twilight” franchise.

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