Saturday, September 15, 2012

'America's Got Talent' crowns winner, Sharon Osbourne says goodbye -

By Randee Dawn, TODAY contributor

And it all came down to this: Would the cute little dancers (The Untouchables), the wild painter (David Garibaldi and his CMYKs), the inventive musician (William Close), the sweet little performing dogs (The Olate Dogs), the sand artist (Joe Castillo) or the comedy jukebox (Tom Cotter) walk away with a headlining Las Vegas act and $1 million?

"America's Got Talent" fans had to wait two hours to find out on Thursday night. Meanwhile, music act after music act took to the stage, including Flo Rida, Ne-Yo, Green Day and Justin Bieber with Big Sean. And finally, after lots of video flashbacks and recaps of the season just past, the winner was....

Well, let's start from the back of the pack: Sixth place for The Untouchables, fifth for Joe Castillo, fourth for David Garibaldi and the CMYKs, William Close in third, Tom Cotter as runner-up leaving the winner as....

The Olate Dogs!

A barking good time was had by all once that announcement was made, though The Untouchables were a bit teary-eyed. Judge Sharon Osbourne consoled them while at the same time making her exit from the series unmistakable, saying, "Don't be sad, little ones, because it's my last show, too. So we're both leaving together."

After the show, Osbourne tweeted, "('AGT') is the best variety show in the world. It's been 6 great years, but time to move on."

As for "Got Talent's" new top dogs, naturally they had to drop by TODAY first thing Friday (along with their owners, father and son Richard and Nicholas Olate).

When asked what they'd do with the money, Nicholas seemed practical: "We'll probably get a house. I want to get a bigger area for the dogs, for sure. I don't think we're going to blow all of our money."

This isn't the first time a canine has taken home the big prize from a "Got Talent" show -- back in May, "Britain's Got Talent" awarded $800,000 in prizes to winner Ashleigh Butler and her mutt Pudsey.

So it's finally happened: Reality TV has gone to the dogs.

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