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Britney Spears Shares How Simon Cowell Lured Her to Judge 'The X Factor': 'I ... - San Francisco Luxury News

sat together with Simon Cowell and shares how he has lured her to become a judge on “The X Factor.”

Britney Spears was joined by the 52-year-old “X Factor” boss, Simon Cowell, in an interview to promote their show. The interview began with Britney gushing on how she “fell in love” with the TV mogul and how he convinced her to join the panel of judges for the talent show. She revealed how she realized that Simon was a “sweetheart.”
“I thought he was kind of rude before I met him, that’s the idea he gives on the show. Then we talked on the phone and I thought he was a total sweetheart, I fell in love with him,” Britney said with Simon adding that the popstar was also a sweetheart.
“She was absolutely charming! Sweet, humble and nice. Her reputation was completely different, but I was very surprised,” Simon praised his fellow judge. “We had a kind of love affair on the phone for a couple of days and eventually a third conversation where Britney said she wanted to do the show, even though we hadn’t negotiated the contract.”
Jimmy then asked about the sexual attraction between them, but Simon came to the rescue and said it was rather “one-sided.”
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“It’s a bit one-sided. You’ve got to remember Britney is engaged to a very nice guy,” he said jokingly.
Simon referred to Britney as a “revelation” and admitted that he liked Demi Lovato for “going through the Disney thing and coming out a bad girl.”
Britney and Demi took over the seats of former judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.  And living up to her new nickname, “Queen of Mean,” Britney did make a few contestants happy but crushed a bunch.
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