Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chris Brown Claims Neck Tattoo Not Pic Of Abused Woman - NewNowNext

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Ignore the growing pile of evidence that may lead you to an educated opinion that Chris Brown is a total scumbag.

While it may look like the tattoo on Chris Brown’s neck resembles the infamous image of an abused Rihanna, that’s merely a trick of your eyes. Damn eyesight!

Chris’ tattoo, is in fact, an interpretation of a MAC cosmetics design of a skull associated with a Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead. Duh. This, according to Brown’s spokesperson.

Shame on anyone for getting the two confused. Why wouldn’t it be completely and totally appropriate for Chris to tattoo a picture of a woman with a black eye on his neck? It’s not like he could have ever seen what Rihanna looked like after he viscously beat her. It’s not like there’s photographic documentation available on that through a simple Google search.

A convicted felon of a violent assault can permanently ink himself with an image like this without drawing attention, can’t he? We shouldn’t treat him any different because he is a celebrity, who happens to throw a chair out of a window from time to time. Let’s give him another Grammy!

(Does anybody else feel like, at this point, he’s just laughing at us?)

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