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Contestant Claims Miss USA Is Rigged, Do You Believe Her? - Cinema Blend

published: 2012-06-05 23:22:51

As this year’s Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monnin didn’t get very far during Sunday’s Miss USA pageant, but if you take her word at face value, that’s because the entire competition was rigged. The scorned beauty queen took to her Facebook page last night and offered up an angry diatribe, accusing the Miss Universe Organization of being “fraudulent”, “inconsistent”, “lacking in morals” and “trashy”.

Apparently, another contestant found a folder revealing the top five places prior to the competition. When all five of those girls made the top sixteen, the anonymous woman supposedly told Monnin, and together, they watched as the winners were the same ones allegedly predetermined.

In response to what she claims happened, Monnin officially resigned as Miss Pennsylvania 2012 and unleashed the aforementioned rants condemning the entire process. Whether or not she’s a pissed off loser with an axe to grind or a witness to some shady dealings is unclear, but if you take it from the Miss Universe Pageant, something entirely different is going on.

According to MSNBC, Monnin sent an email to officials to resign her crown on Monday, but in the correspondence she allegedly gave an entirely different reason for quitting. In the released letter, she complains about the inclusion of transgender contestants and the moral implications of such a move.

Monnin hasn’t commented on whether the released email is legit, but if it is, it would seem to call into question her public story for why she resigned. What do you think? Is the Miss USA competition rigged? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below….

Do You Think Miss USA Is Rigged?

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