Saturday, September 15, 2012

'Finding Nemo': Looking Back, With Nemo Himself -

If it's difficult to believe the fact that "Finding Nemo" came out almost 10 years ago, it might shock you to know that Nemo himself â€" or rather the voice of Nemo â€" Alexander Gould is now old enough to be heading off to college. In the spirit of the film's timelessness and longevity and the release of "Finding Nemo 3D," MTV News was lucky enough to catch up with Gould, who'll you'll also recognize from his heartfelt and frequently disturbing work on "Weeds," to reminisce about lending his voice to such a memorable film.

"I'd been acting since I was 2 years old and this was just another audition that I did," Gould said about how he got involved in the beginning. "I didn't think much of it because we didn't hear anything afterward. About a year later I got a call saying that I had a call back for it," he explained, adding that he didn't even know what role he was auditioning for until he got the part.

"It was crazy. That was definitely a neat process to go through and it's cool to see how the industry works like that," he said. "The recording process was fantastic. I spent a lot of time at Pixar Animation Studios which is a really really neat place to film and spend time, it was a really great group of people to work with."

When Gould and his family finally saw the finished product, they couldn't help but feel a bit weirded out.

"The weirdest thing was how they captured my face, my impressions and stuff in the fish," he said. "It was a neat thing to watch."

And although it's hard to tell how big a role Gould played in the film since you only hear his voice, the actor/future college student said that people get more excited to hear about his work on that film more than anything else.

"People who find out about 'Nemo' get very excited. They hear about 'Weeds' and think it's cool, but 'Nemo' is like, 'Wow that is such a big deal! It's such a great movie.' People love it."

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