Monday, September 17, 2012

George HW Bush gets his own documentary - USA TODAY

HBO debuts its new documentary tonight on former president George H.W. Bush, a story told by its subject.

In a series of interviews, backed by film and video clips, Bush talks about his eventful life in the film 41, from a privileged upbringing in Connecticut and Maine to the Oval Office in Washington, D.C.

Included are stories about his years as a Navy fighter pilot in World War II, the death of infant daughter Robin, his development of an oil business in Texas and efforts to build the Republican Party in Texas.

Bush also talks about serving as GOP national chairman during the Watergate scandal, as well as his years as ambassador to China, CIA director, and vice president to Ronald Reagan (after losing to the Gipper in the 1980 Republican primaries).

Finally obtaining the prize after the 1988 election, Bush -- the nation's 41s president -- oversaw the collapse of the Soviet Union and the first war with Iraq. He also presided over a struggling domestic economy that led to his loss to Bill Clinton in 1992.

The film airs tonight at 9 ET. It will play on HBO throughout the rest of the month.

The film was produced by one of Bush's Hollywood buddies, Jerry Weintraub. It's directed by Jeffrey Roth, whose work on a documentary about the Apollo moon missions impressed Bush.

There is also much about the Bush family, of course, including eldest son George W., who went on to become the 43rd president.

Bush 41 provides a humorous overview of life since the White House. That includes his career as an amateur skydiver, jumping in 2009 to celebrate his 85th birthday. He swears he will do it again for birthday number 90 in 2014.

"Old guys," he says, "can still do fun things."

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