Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jessica Simpson debuts post-baby body on Katie Couric talk show: 'All the ... - New York Daily News


Jessica Simpson and her fiancee, Eric Johnson, head for some chow after Simpson finishes talking baby â€" and baby-weight â€" on "The Katie Couric Show."

Jessica Simpson's post-baby fitness regimen is still a work in progress, but the bubbly entrepreneur is optimistic about finally shedding her pregnancy weight, she told Katie Couric Monday.

"During pregnancy, I didn't really think about it," she told the talk show host of her expanding figure. "I thought my doctors were telling me that it was just a lot of water and whenever my water broke my whole entire stomach would go down but that did not happen.

"All the weight did not come out with the baby!"

Simpson, who acts as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, has already lost an impressive 40 pounds since giving birth to baby Maxwell Drew Johnson in May.

Proud mom! Jessica Simpson shows off a photo of daughter Maxwell Drew during her interview on "The Katie Couric Show." (ABC)

A big part of her progress has been in not just changing habits, but her entire relationship with food, she explained.

"You have to track every bit, and you can't get away with the bites because they add up," she said. "You have to be completely honest with yourself, and I think just creating that relationship of honesty with yourself is so good."

During her pregnancy, the 32-year-old starlet admitted to succumbing to cravings for sweets, most notably a concoction called "slutty brownies," made up of cookie dough, oreo cookies and brownie dough baked together.

Add to that a love for Tex Mex, anything fried and barbecue, and Simpson admits that her diet during her pregnancy was anything but healthy.

"Can't beat Velveeta," she quipped at one point during the show as Couric chatted with her Weight Watchers coach.

But even at her heaviest â€" Simpson said she weighed 170 pounds when she posed nude and pregnant for Elle magazine in April â€" the singer said she would pointedly avoid the negative press.

"I've been pregnant for three years!" she joked of the way the tabloids have made fun of her yo-yo weight. "I definitely don't Google my name. I try to avoid it completely. But I still subconsciously know that the talk is going on so I think that every day that is a struggle for me.

"I understand that it sells magazines and stuff ... but I wish I could get a cut!" she laughed.


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