Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kenny's Critic Corner: 'Finding Nemo 3-D': A great way to see a family classic - Wicked Local

Of the past five years, the most popular addition to cinema has been 3-D. What started with about 200 theaters with the technology has expanded to almost 2,500 in the U.S. alone. Forty-five of which are in Massachusetts.

With this technology, Hollywood has found a way to bring back famous movies from the past and display them in 3-D. This trend can have success at the box office. This year, a 3-D version of “Titanic” brought it almost $350 million due to its popularity overseas. But now, the newest release is “Finding Nemo”. If you are one of the few people who haven’t seen it, “Finding Nemo” is the story of a fish whose son is kidnapped by a group of scuba divers. With the help of another fish, Dory, they set off to find him.

One of the first things that strikes people who watch it is the quality of the animation. Colors are bright and plentiful while dazzling landscapes are put together by no other than Pixar, the studio with a reputation for great movies. Humor is also strong and can have the whole family laughing. But what makes this version special is the amazing 3-D. “Finding Nemo 3-D” decides to not fly pointless things at the viewer, but to immerse them in the movie. Depth stretches the movie, having the ocean spread out and look endless. The colors are fantastic and not darkened by your 3D glasses. “Finding Nemo 3-D” is something different. 3D that enhances the movie instead of just being a cash-grab. When the next rainy day comes, And before the movie, be sure to see a fun “Toy Story” short that gives a fun look to the world of bath time toys. “Finding Nemo 3-D” is a great take for the family and an excuse to see a great movie again on the big screen. 

“Finding Nemo 3-D” Is 100 minutes long and is rated G.

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