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Milla Jovovich says 'Resident Evil: Retribution' is 'bigger and better' -

Milla Jovovich says "Resident Evil: Retribution" is "bigger and better" than the four previous installments in the sci-fi franchise.

"Each time, we try to make the movies bigger and better than the last one because what's the point of seeing another one, if it's not going to be better than the last?" Jovovich told reporters at the film's worldwide premiere in Tokyo, Japan on September 3, in a video provided by Screen Gems. "We try our best to all of our passion and all of our energy into making it the best that we can."

The 3D movie sees Jovovich's character, Alice, as a captive of the main operation facility of the evil Umbrella Corporation. She later joins forces with resistance fighters and travel around the world to take down the group and those responsible for unleashing a deadly virus that has transformed humans into zombie-like beings.

Michelle Rodriguez and Jason Isaacs reprise their role as Rain Ocampo, a member of an Umbrella commando unit, and Dr. William Birkin, a former Umbrella biologist. They last played their parts in the first Resident Evil" film, which was released in 2002.

"This film in particular, it's very intense, because I do a suburban Alice, which is like a perfect housewife with a child, and then there's battle Alice, which is the Alice you see on the posters," Jovovich told OnTheRedCarpet on September 12 at the Los Angeles premiere. "That was really difficult, you know even Michelle Rodriguez is saying like, 'Man, it's so hard to watch you like being like, scared of the zombies and running away and screaming - it's just weird.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, just like it's weird looking at you in high-heels, you know, like makeup on, trying to pretend like you can't run or you can't use a gun.' It's very interesting how the characters flip back and forth."

The science fiction franchise is based on the Capcom survival horror video fame series of the same name. Anderson has said that if "Retribution" is successful in the box office, he will most likely make a sixth and final film in the series.

Kevin Durand plays Barry Burton, a character from the "Resident Evil" video games that has not yet appeared in the film series.

Jovovich, who traveled internationally as a teenage model, was happy to be in Tokyo for the "Resident Evil: Retribution" worldwide premiere and said that the country felt like home to her.

"I love Japan so much. I always feel in a way that I'm coming home. I've been coming to Tokyo since I was 13, so for me, I feel like a part of the Japanese people and I feel like they love me and I love them and we're family."

The "Resident Evil" film franchise has made more than $675 million worldwide, which each movie making more than the one before. The fourth installment "Resident Evil: Afterlife," was released in September 2010 and has since then made $296 million worldwide - almost three times as much as the first movie. The box office profits for the films are considerably larger outside of the United States.

Jovovich, a 36-year-old actress and model from Ukraine, is also known for her role in the sci-fi film "The Fifth Element." Her last film, a remake of "The Three Musketeers," was a box office flop in the United States, making a little more than $20 million, but fared well overseas with $111 million in earnings. Jovovich lashed out at its U.S. distributor, Summit Entertainment, on Twitter, saying that it "swept" the film "under the rug" in the United States and did not promote it as much as its hit "Twilight" movies.

Jovovich is married to "Resident Evil" franchise director and writer Paul W.S. Anderson. The pair met in 2002, on the set of the first film and wed in 2009. They welcomed their first daughter, Ever Gabo Anderson in November 2007.

"Resident Evil: Retribution" hits theaters on September 14. Watch the trailer below.

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