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'So You Think You Can Dance': The final dances - USA TODAY

The final four competed for America's votes for the last time on So You Think You Can Dance Tuesday. Each dancer performed five dances: Two with another Season 9 partner, one with an All-Star, one solo and one group number. Next week, one guy and one girl will be crowned "America's favorite dancers."

Mike Yarish, Fox

Two of these four dancers will be crowned "America's Favorite." Who earned your vote?

Judging, but having no veto power over voting results, were Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and choreographer and director Rob Marshall. The trio weighed in on the performances of ballerina Eliana Girard, 21, jazz dancer Tiffany Maher, 19, animator Cyrus Spencer, 22, and ballet dancer Chehon Wespi-Tscopp, 23.

Here's how it went down:

Cyrus and Eliana got their pasodoble on with their chests out and wearing their "Blue Steel" faces, as host Cat Deeley called it. It was a "magical combination of performance and technique," Nigel told Eliana, who shone in the dance. "Cyrus, you were there for her partner," he added. Mary yelled, "Eliana, you were on fire tonight!"

Tiffany paired with All-Star Will Wingfield from Season 3 in a contemporary number. In case you weren't sure, Tiffany is a flexible, technical beast. "You are the epitome of a fabulous dancer," said Mary. For such a small person, said Nigel, Tiffany's "lines are so long, so big."

Eliana and Chehon finally got to show off their classical training in a ballet routine. (Chehon also got to show off some more in those white tights!) "I never dreamt we would have two ballet dancers" in the final four, said Nigel. He went on to compliment the two on their technical skills. "You made it look easy!" Rob said, "I can't believe your versatility." "It's a triumph for the show," said Mary.

Cyrus tried to break up with Tiffany in a lyrical hip-hop piece, but she wasn't keen on letting him go, as she moved with every nuance of the music. "Neither one of you have ever been in the bottom," said Nigel. "You've shown why that is." Mary said, "Tiffany, you're a little beast out there!"

All four dancers performed a playful group number, with each dancer showing off his or her unique style.

In Eliana's solo, she treated viewers to a lovely moment of graceful ballet. Until the SYTYCD theme music cut her off.

Chehon, in a contemporary dance, had to let Season 2's Allison Holker leave him. Chehon was emotional even while performing a "swipe kick that seemed to defy gravity," said Mary, and a one-armed lift that left the judges "dyin' out here," said Rob.

Eliana had the opportunity to display her pole-dancing prowess in a burlesque number with Tiffany that featured the two dancing on and off the pole. "It was unbelievable, fierce," said Rob. "What was that last position?!" said an incredulous Nigel about Eliana's final, superhuman climb up the pole. "It was crazy-great," said Mary.

In Cyrus' solo he reminded viewers that animation is still crazy, and that when you do it, you don't look like a real person.

Tiffany stretched to the extremities and spun crazy-fast in her solo.

Cyrus and Chehon danced together in a routine that emphasized their masculinity and Chehon's grace. The dance elicited a confession from Nigel. To Cyrus, he said, "I really have supported you throughout this. You are my favorite person on the show." To Chehon, he said, "You are my favorite dancer on the show."

Eliana and Alex Wong from Season 7's dance was "just poetry," said Rob. Eliana's technique, particularly her legs during a lift in second position, had Rob saying, "I never get sick of seeing that beautiful extension." Nigel said Eliana was his "favorite dancer of all time on this series." (Maybe he just meant "favorite girl"?)

In their rumba routine, Chehon had a perfect "slide across the floor" and Tiffany was "absolutely beautiful," said Mary. "You are a little Latin dancer," Mary said to Tiffany.

Cyrus and Stephen "tWitch" Boss from Season 4 got together for the much-hyped animation-style dance. The two broke out of plastic toy boxes and showed off their electric skills. "You smashed the door down, you smashed this routine," said Mary. "You stole the show." Nigel said to Cyrus, "I love your bones, (but) I just can't vote for you tonight. I have to support Chehon for my own personal reasons."

Will America's vote echo Nigel's? Tune in next Tuesday (8 ET/PT, Fox) to find out which two take the crowns.

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