Monday, September 17, 2012

Social Media Gangnam Style - Huffington Post (blog)

If you don't know who Psy Park is, you're living under a rock. He's the South Korean artist who's created Gangnam Style, the latest dance creation sweeping the globe. Stop reading NOW and watch his video. It will make you smile.

Psy was interviewed by MTV News after his appearance at the VMAs:

Psy's viral pop-splosion was so inescapable that Justin Bieber/Carly Rae Jepsen/Wanted manager Scooter Braun -- who knows a thing or two about making YouTube singers into mega-stars -- signed Psy to his label this week.

I'd like to hear more -- he seems intriguing -- his answers about his "fame" were thoughtful and interesting. One thing I noticed is that he says he wants to promote Psy the person, not just the video. A natural marketer.

I also participated in two conferences this past week -- the USC Silicon Beach conference and the CBS Social Media conference. Both were excellent examples of creative disruption in communication and business and very inspirational. Being a native of Los Angeles, I'm especially glad to see the rise of "Silicon Beach" companies merging the brilliance of Hollywood and the ingenuity of social to create new products and services.

I'll call it Social Media Gangnam Style. How are Psy and the social wave at Silicon Beach similar? They're both a little bit unexpected (there's Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley, but no Silicon Beach, up till now); they're totally disruptive (social is THE new platform for discovery and audience-building); and they're FUN (you can't help but move to the catchy beat of the Gangnam Style video).

So in spite of the ugly news about another video circulating around the planet causing destruction this week, social media and creativity should win the day. Oppa Gangnam Style!

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