Saturday, September 15, 2012

What Is The 'Bacon Number' of Your Favorite Actor or Actress? Ask Google! - Gather Celebs News Channel

Kevin Bacon is the latest search tool in Google's arsenal, the search engine launching the new "Bacon number" which tells you how many degrees of separation an actor is from the 54-year-old Bacon, who has said jokingly in interviews that he has worked with everyone in Hollywood at once time or another. Bacon's first film, Footloose, was remade recently, bringing him into the spotlight even further.

KevinBacon07TIFFSo, how does it work? A celebs Bacon numeral is '1' if they have ever worked directly with Kevin Bacon, and it is '2' if they have worked directly with someone, who has worked directly with Kevin Bacon. Confused? A '3' means that they haven't worked with Bacon himself or anyone else that has worked with him.

All you have to do to get a reading on a celeb is type Bacon number in Google followed by the celeb's name. Then, it will give you their Bacon reading, followed by exactly how the calculation was done. For instance, if you type 'Reese Witherspoon' you get a Bacon numeral of 2, because while she has never worked with Kevin Bacon, she has worked with Chris Pine in 'This Means War' and Chris Pine worked with Kevin Bacon in Beyond All Boundaries.

So, what is your favorite celebrity's Bacon Number?

Photo: gdcgraphics, via Wikimedia Commons

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